Phonvilay Kham-Avone
RSP Math


bout Me: If you haven’t noticed, I am the tallest teacher on campus…Ok J/K, I just walk tall! My name is Phonvilay Kham-Avone. I live with 3 of my boys, Kouzion (21), Coco(105),  and Lucky (14).

I am a serious foodie and I enjoy playing candy crush on the weekends. Come find me in D-5 and we can get on that sweet streak! I’m on Level 8601…Beat that! 


Teaching Experience: I have been working with people of different backgrounds, ages and cultural origins for over 25 years. As a teacher, I value students’ voices and appreciate their trust. 


Hobbies: reading, playing board games, swimming, cooking, learning new healthy habits and of course hanging out with family and friends. 


Goals: Motivate students, build confidence and make learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience.