Peter Batkin
DP Individuals & Societies and Design


Howdy from D4.
I’m Mr. Peter Batkin and this will be my 27th year in the classroom and 23rd at Umoja International Academy.  
I very excited to be able to teach the new Design classes for MYP (all grades).  This goes to provide the old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks.  (good thing I’m a cat, and shark person).  
When not teaching or preparing lessons for Design or History of the Americas, I can be found playing video games such as Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3 or watching volleyball from around the world.  
Like many of my colleagues i have had the opportunity to not only be a teacher at UIA but also a parent of one of one own.  My daughter graduated from us a few years ago after surviving my class for 2 years.
I also am the the AV Club advisor (but really, I let the shark be in charge and the students do all the work.)