Koy Carley


Hello, my name is Koy Carley, you can call me Mrs. Koy. I have been with the SCUSD for 18 years, including a decade at Umoja International Academy. I am dedicated to my profession, with a passion for education, and a deep commitment to supporting students. As a registrar, I take pride in managing student records with precision while offering unwavering support to our students. My greatest joy comes from witnessing their growth and success.
Beyond my professional life, I am a wife and a mother to three wonderful children, cherishing every moment spent with them. My passion for the outdoors drives me to explore nature through camping and hiking, reflecting my commitment to providing students with the solid foundation for their own exploration and adventures. In all aspect of my life, I am driven by the belief that with the right support and environment, every individual can reach their fullest potential.