School Supply List
2024-2025 School Year


The following supplies are a general list for students during the school year. Some teachers will require more specific supplies and will provide a list for their students at orientation or during the first week of school. A few things may seem out of order please read carefully, look and pay attention the things your student is going to need for the school year.

**Every student will be given a SCUSD issued Chromebook


10, 11, and 12 History (Rowe)

-History notebook

-pen (blue or black)

-folder or binder with a divider for History 

-2 highlighters

11th Grade Summer Reading: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (students can check the book out at the school library) 


Pencils / Erasers

Lined binder paper

Composition Book

Spiral Notebook

Glue Sticks 

3-prong Folder

Additional for For Incoming 10, 11, 12th graders

1 ½ inch binder 


Art Supply list. These will be needed on the first day:Mixed Media Sketchbook  9 x 12”  These will be used daily

Drawing pencil set (See the image below)

Pencil Sharpener (if it doesn’t come in your drawing pencil set)

Colored pencils  (I highly recommend Prisma Colors but you may go with another brand of your choice. Walmart has a pretty decent brand as pictured below. Whatever you decide, make sure you get the larger size pack for a greater variety of colors for your art. Do not purchase erasables as they do not apply the colors very well)

2 Black gel pens or ultra fine black sharpies

9 x 12 Mixed media sketchbook. Anything smaller will not work for our drawings.



A composition notebook or regular notebook   8.5 X 11

1 folder

Set of colored pencils

Some highlighters

Small pencil sharpener

Pencils or mechanical pencils pack